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Okay okay… Here goes nothing!

I’m trying for the 4th time in my life, to make a blog. I’m hoping this time, I will be able to keep track of this blog.  After 3 attempts… three times where I tried to be true to myself, to speak my mind, I decided to try one more time. But I didn’t want to try on the same sites I’ve used before. I wanted to try another site.

I’ve used:

  • Xanga
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr

Now Xanga was fun, but I didn’t really use it for much. Mostly for ranting.

Blogger was okay, but it required more computer knowledge, at least to make the blog look nice.

Tumblr was great, but for me it seemed more about reblogging rather than coming up with things on your own.

I heard about WordPress before, but I heard that it cost money most of the time.

But hey, I’m willing to give it a shot.

I see that you don’t need to pay anything to have a blog here… I’m just going to have to work harder to get people to notice this.

So here’s my goals.

  1.  I will try to post daily. Unless something comes up. I will make this a habit again. That means trying to be active.
  2. Each day of the week has a certain theme/topic for them.
  3. This blog is to get my truths out. I know that I have trouble conveying myself to others. But for some reason… I have less trouble when it’s in a blog. I’m hoping this will help.
  4. Ideally, this is my way to get heard. Even if no one reads it immediately.
  5. Finally, My only wish, is that my posts will be of some interest to people.

Well, that’s just about the gist of things…

Here’s what could be the theme’s for the days of the week. Tell me which you guys seems more appropriate.

Monday: Media/Anger/Memories

Tuesday: Food(Tasty things)/Tricks/Treats

Wednesday: Worst Days/Wise Words/Wishes

Thursdays: Questions/Thoughts/Randomness

Friday: Fun/Frights/Weirdness

Saturday: School/Truths/Video Games

Sunday: Songs/Love/Rants

I will choose a theme for each day of the week. However, I will get my decision from somewhere else. Or maybe I’ll ask you guys. But it will definitely be limited to those three topics for the day.

I hope I will like using this site, but whatever happens… well don’t say I didn’t try.