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The possible topics of the day... in case you forgot.

I didn’t think I would have anyone check out this blog in one night… Proves that I was right to think that! But I’m not going to let that bother me. Nope… Because even if I never get any readers… then this will be a place to blog for myself!


Anyways… Today is THURSDAY! First actual post… exciting? eh…. maybe. So what type of Thursday is it… well based off the responses I got from ….. one person that answered, It’s (in case you didn’t read the title)


What does that exactly mean? Basically I have this overwhelming list of questions I gathered over the span of my life. Questions that I get asked alot. And usually my answer is … “I dunno?”

Let’s put a stop to that…at least try to. On Questions Thursdays… I will take a question, that I usually don’t have an answer for, and I will answer it… Oh no… not with an “I dunno?” I only say that to get me more time to think. But I will answer with a full thought, and as much as possible. Which means I may rant. Bare with me.



How do you know when a person can be someone you trust?


Um… maybe I didn’t think this through…. Well, honestly… You really can’t tell. That’s the beauty or ugly side of trust. When you give someone your trust, I always thought of it as “I’m not only trusting you with this information, but with all the subtly that comes with it.” Does that make sense?

Hm… Maybe this would be better. If I told you a secret, something that involves trust alot of the time, then I’m TRUSTING you to keep it to yourself. At the same time, I’m am also TRUSTING you that I’m not heavily judged by you… at least to some degree. I am also putting TRUST in that you may have a way to help me out, whether if it was a good thing or a bad thing. And it could involve putting more trust in you, or just be the first initial act of trusting.

Trusting someone is a very delicate thing for many people. I know personally, I have trust issues with everyone that may have some connection to me. The phrase “Don’t trust every kind face you meet.” seems to apply alot in life. The people you don’t expect to betray you… often do. And those you never think you would be able to confide in…. maybe they’ll prove that thought wrong. You can never tell. The act of trusting someone, is exactly the same as having faith in them, except in most cases, you aren’t sure. You need to take risks with who deserves your trust, and watch out for those who will shatter it.

But if you need a definite guideline on who to trust. Maybe this can help.

  1. If the person has done anything that involved breaking someone’s trust…. then you can’t trust them. If someone has done it before, that means your trust is just as breakable with them. They have to prove to you, at least twice as much that they are trustworthy.
  2. If a person has no reason(s) to break your trust, then you have a good shot at this person being trustworthy.
  3. However if you see any reason… like any shred of doubt is still there, Then depending on how much doubt you have,  should determine how much trust you can give them.
  4. There are people who act nice, but if you know they talk about someone behind their back. Even if it’s about someone you both mutually dislike, you automatically can’t trust them to the highest regard.
  5. People you’ve known all your life, especially if you are still GOOD friends with them for more than half, you probably can trust them.
  6. Any relationship,  both you and your friend have placed trust in each other, If you can maintain that trust, you have another person to trust.
  7. There will always be exceptions to these guidelines. As there are with every type of trait list. Just use the amount of faith you have in others, and your personal experiences, to determine how much you can trust someone if you are unsure.

I’ll tell you this though. Everyone alive around you, should have some degree of your trust. You cannot be that untrusting or deem everyone doesn’t deserve any trust you have. Not only is that going to lead to a problem with your relationships with others, but it will also make people not trust you either.

Trust is a two way connection. It is always between 2 people. In order to trust someone, that person has to be able to trust you as well. If you or anyone you know can’t mutually agree upon that together, then don’t trust each other with important thoughts, personal desires, or personal fears.

Trusting someone, is a big risk, but most of the time… It’s worth it.


That’s it for Question Thursday, I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  If you have any suggestions that I can do… or if you want to choose the next topic for FRIDAY, then please leave me a comment.

FRIDAYs are Fun/Frights/Weirdness days, so pick one of those three.

Hope to see someone visit tomorrow.