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What should the Topic be on Sundays? Pick one and tell me on Saturday Next Week!

Sunday…. I think I over slept today.

Because it is Sunday, and because I posted my Saturday Post too late yesterday, I’m posting again… on this day.

Sunday, What could possibly be the topic of the day…


Okay, you may be confused what this type of day may be.

Rants-A-Lot Sunday, is basically the only day, I will allow myself to spout nonsense. The only day I will just rant about useless things, problems that aren’t major, or rant about general things in my life.

It differs from “Random Randomness Thursdays” and “Weridly Too Weird Fridays” because “RRT” is basically going off of a Random part/moment/event in my life. “WTWF”  is when I talk about strange life events, happenings that I can’t really understand myself, or weird moments I shared with people.

So Rants-A-Lot Sundays, those are my days to be just ranting for no reason. To let words come out as they come to be. So these could potentially be the most interesting posts, or the most boring posts. Sometimes I’ll teach something, and something I just won’t make sense.

Shall we begin?

If I had to think of something that would always catch my eye, it would have to be this. Lists… especially when they are online… People use lists all the time, like when they are making their points sound more reasonable, or trying to show importance, or when they are making a statement. Just having a list of something, makes things seem like they need to be read by the reader. Any sort of list does this… at least I think it should.

The most common examples of lists are things like this: The “adjective” (Insert Number Here) “Nouns” “Optional Pronoun” “VERB/ADVERB” (Insert activity/hobby/scenerio/grouping/choices/etc.) [Optional Opinion words here] If that doesn’t make sense to you here are examples.

  • The Top 5 Reasons You Should Get This.
  • The Top 10 Best Songs of All Time.
  • The 100 Things You Should Always Remember.
  • The 50 Worst Celebrities who’ve contributed nothing to society.
  • The 25 things I like about you.

These are just examples, but I’m sure you guys have seen something similar to this somewhere. Whether it was on a site, like a blog, or in a newpaper/magazine. These types of lists, will always be around. And because it is a list… Well most people can’t help but want to read them… cause they are in a ORDER! GASP!

Order makes people think that there is some sort of importance. Some hierarchy in life about anything automatically creates some sort of opinion in a person. Whether if they agree with the list, or think this list is absolutely the truth of everything, or disagree vehemently, or think “this list is wrong/stupid/insert insult here” That’s the Power of Lists!

Okay, so what… “lists aren’t that great. They don’t mean that much… ” At least most people think that on the surface. But making a list about something there is special processes about it; there is a method behind every madness. Always is there a reason for making your list, and there is likely a goal in mind in the end. So whats the big deal? Everything!

Lists aren’t facts, unless there are statistics behind them. Most of the time, lists are opinions, set by the writer to convey their opinions to other people. And the goal is usually to get people to agree with them, or in a few cases, cause controversy among the general consensus. Other times its to shock, surprise and convince the reader in the new information they presented. But we should remember, unless there is definite statistics, figures, and data gathered behind the list, it is generally just an Opinion.

O-P-I-N-I-O-N! Got that down? No? Well okay.

Let’s elaborate… To make a list for something, you need these things.

  • A Method to Organize Objects on the List (Bullet-ing, Points, Ranking, Reasons, even a Title or a sentence leading to it)
  • A Main Topic or Subject (must be consistent)
  • A ranking/Ordering system of some sorts. (Numerical, Countdown, Equal)
  • Multiple sub-categories regarding the main topic. (What Goes in each Point)
  • Some kind of belief in the ranks. (How you are ranking them, if you are doing that, what means of belief in the examples.)
  • Reason or Examples explaining the ranks *if there is a numerical rank* (However, some people think this is optional… but it’s really necessary)
  • Some message/goal you are trying to convey (Something like “these are the best, these are the worst, these things are important, etc.)
  • And Finally, some truth. (This is really subjective, but most lists, have some sort of universal truth/belief in them somewhere… that truth could be “This is an Opinion”)

You may have noticed that I made 2 kinds of lists so far. These were the most basic type: A “Bullet-ed ” List.  The Organization is just “listing”, or “bulleting”, The topic is “examples of what makes a list, a list”. There isn’t a numerical rank, so equal ranking system is in place (every point is just as important as the others), topic is the examples I was showing, and sub categories were the general meanings in each point. I believe these examples are important, but all are equal in importance, and the goal is that I’m trying to show you an example. There isn’t examples explaining, because there isn’t a numerical rank. The truth, well that’s subjective… that’s why only some truths are in lists.

What if I tried to break the routine of lists? What if while making a lists I forgot to include one of those points. What would happen?  Well I’ll try to give a example of each… but I don’t promise that it will be funny or “outstanding” but I’ll try.

If a List Lacked a Method of Organization:

“People are morons. Because people don’t trust automatically, no one tells the truth. Bad things happen to good people, people don’t deserve to die. There is such a thing as pure evil intentions, not to everyone but most people. No good comes out of trusting strangers.”

What did I just do? I tried to make a list, but also tried to keep out organization in that list. But does it looks like a list to you? Personally, I think it just says random sentences. Sure you could say they have some similar thoughts. You can’t really call it a list though. Do you see how many points was I making? How do they differentiate from each other? Does it say anything to you? Not really, if anything, this could even be someone talking to another person, but there’s not really a great value behind it. If I had said, “These are the reasons why I don’t trust others” That would be organizing/leading the reader to a certain thought, I can further that list, by putting it into “bullet” points, or ranks would be even better. Reasons supporting each point, become easier to see, when the list is organized.

If A List Doesn’t have a Main Topic or Subject (Not Consistent)

  1. Pigs are pink, but can be brown too.
  2. Geese are becoming more friendly to people
  3. Goldfish now can be not completely one color.
  4. Dogs know when their owners come home.
  5. Humans are not a species, unlike the rest of the world.
  6. There are more Women on Earth than Men.
  7. Blue is a cartoon dog.
  8. Chihuahuas are really just large rats.

Now, what does this list say to you? Well it has an organized method…(it’s a ranking). But honestly… what do you think it’s about. I see no connection between each point. It may seem like it’s all about animals, but there really isn’t a definite concrete connection. This list, could be about animal traits (but then why are there humans/people in there), it could be about dogs (but then pigs, humans, goldfish, and geese wouldn’t make sense). It could be generalizations… but #8 is really just an opinion stated by most people.  If there isn’t clearly a topic or a main focus for any list, then you throw the importance of the list away, which in turn makes it just babbling and random thoughts. This decreases your value with other in regard of opinion, as well as your matter of your opinion counting to them. (By the way, that list was the 8 Most Non-informed statements I ever heard).

If a List doesn’t have a clear Ranking/Ordering System of any kind:

I believe Life happens like this: 

  • You die.
  • You fall in love.
  • You decide if you want children.
  • You go to school
  • You get a job.
  • You are conceived.
  • You grow up.
  • You get disappointed.
  • You become happy.
  • You are born.

Generally speaking, this list is mostly true. All those things happen in life, and while it is in bullet points, this sort of list is kind of a list that you would expect to be in an order of some sorts. Even though I didn’t explicitly mention that it was going to be in an order of any kind, my leading sentence was implying that there was a order of happening. If I wanted to keep the list in the current order, I should have said “Events that happen in everyone’s life.” If I wanted to keep the leading sentence, I would have to include a definite logical order. Point is, without some sort of ranking/order, it wouldn’t be as effective.

If a List Doesn’t have Sub-Categories in it:

Self Explanatory really. I use sub categories for the lack of a better word. But I mean whatever you are using to explain your list/list in your list. But also, these things have to be different from each other in most regards.

The 5 Things Everyone Needs.

  1. Anything Important to You
  2. Things You Want
  3. People’s things
  4. People’s emotions.
  5. People.

Okay, so there are points in this list. There is an order. There is a main focus. But do you understand it really well, just by looking at it? Maybe… you can if you read into alot about it or if it was a sarcastic… but I highly doubt people would put that much effort into seeing and taking this list seriously. Why? Because it doesn’t tell you much in the first place. #1-2 are so generic, so broad, they could mean everything and anything. #3-4 are more specific, but doesn’t elaborate onto what it could be. All five points just have no real value, no real thought behind them. It’s more mind work for the reader.

If a List lacks a Reasoning behind it/Has no goal in mind/the Reasons that support it:

No Reasoning(Purpose):


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Magenta
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Green
That’s a list, but really its just a grouping of words that all happen to be names of colors. You aren’t stating anything about it in the long run. Just a group of colors.
No Goal in Mind:
Can’t come up with an example, because you wouldn’t be making a list, if you didn’t want to convey something or had a reason to make the list in the first place. Because even if I did make a list as an example, that list’s goal would have been to show you an example.
No supporting reasons:
The 10 Names That Shouldn’t Exists:
10: Wendillana
9: Eggman
8. Lyster
7. Skanks
6. Sylvistage
5. Webop
4. Poppiliscus
3. Ego Egratis
2. Snookie
1. Snaps
And then the Posts ends.
No explanation behind it. Not even a reason or telling of where those names came from, just a list of these words posted on a blog. How would anyone try to make sense of that? Personally I would have thought that the person made these names up on the spot.
*Reality Moment*
First off… Someone reading that list for the first time would probably only recognized “Snookie” on there. Second, more than half of these names sound like I put letters together in hopes that they would make a word. SURPRISE! All these names, are names for something, but doesn’t necessarily mean it is a single person. They can be names of groups of people, a game, a popular phrase, or a company. But those 10 words are names I have encountered in my life. I don’t remember where half of them came from originally but I do remember them being heard. Don’t believe me?
10- A friend (from Xanga) wanted her daughter to have that name.
9- Villain from Sonic The Hedgehog seires
8-What some people call Lyle from Animal Crossing series.
7- Came across it in Maple Story. (I think it was a pirate person)
6- Was in a story I read, was nickname for a character named Sylvia’s followers (Song of Sylvia was the title I believe)
5- Term I heard on the Internet… No really! I think it meant an opportunity that’s only on the web.
4- Was suppose to be a term of “endearment” for a Boy’s Father, in a story on the site Fictionpress.
3- If I remember correctly, that was a latin saying my latin teacher taught in class that meant “I, out of thanks…”
2- If you don’t know who Snookie, then blessed are you.
1- Its the name of a mind game, one of those games you learn as you play, involves snapping and spelling.

These three, generally go in at the same time. You can’t put in one of them, without putting in the rest. In fact if you don’t have any of them, you can’t make a list. Flat out serious. ‘Reasoning’ being answering “why” to the readers for these ranks, and if you rank something or list something, without any sort of back up to support it, your message or opinion is going to go undermined by the general population. You can’t make a list on whim, because all list have some sort of purpose in mind. Like I’ve been saying, it could be to get your opinion across, to be heard, or even with things like Grocery Shopping lists, those are for remembering purposes. If you lack a reasoning behind your list, because you attached a statistic/or some data to it, then it isn’t a real” list” anymore. It becomes facts, but then those facts help prove your case/opinion.

Yikes over 2000 words so far. Let’s wrap this up!

If you are still reading this post… I applaud you! This whole post was just a rant on  my opinions of Lists. Lists to me, have great value, as long as they have all those key elements in them. They don’t necessarily diminish the opinion of the person, instead they enhance the person’s voice. List are great, as long as they are done well. I may or may not use lists in the future of this blog… but know this readers:

Lists and the Art of Listing isn’t something you should take for granted. Just let that sit with your thoughts for a while.

OH! If you thought this was a very boring post, leave me a comment on what you were thinking the whole time. Know that I had lots of fun writing this (really I did! It seems like it would be boring but it wasn’t!) If you thought it was interesting in any regard, then also leave me a comment. If you never want me to do a rant about something like this again, leave me a comment too.

Just over all, when your done reading, leave me a comment, I will love you forever! But not like that.