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Oh darn, Tuesday is almost over. and I forgot to make my post!

Here’s a quick post!

Useless Tricks Tuesdays!

Okay, you probably aren’t a little pleased with that topic. But I got no answers, no responses or leads into what seemed like the topic to talk about. So I picked one out of a hat!

These types of Tuesdays, will focus on some sort of advice that I know, any method that I learned to do something, and the success or lack of success it can bring. I just hope it would be enjoyable.

Remember this, remember that. How does one pick which things to remember more often than the others? Well if you’re like me, who has a specific way of remembering things, then this trick will not work for you! But people tell me it works  wonders for them. You know there are many tricks that are associated with memory. Tying string around your fingers, placing post-its, or associative words are just a few examples of them. Personally I have different means of remembering different things. But the one thing that I don’t recommend that seems to work for everyone else is this.

Mnemonic Devices. unless you remember everything about that mnemonic device, it’s not going to work. Well that’s a complete lie… I just believe it’s too much to remember. Let’s take some examples shall we?

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Now, most people when they see that sentence, know that it is used to type every letter of the alphabet at least once. But when you first read it… Does that thought occur to you every time? I know personally I read it for what it is.

“My Nice New Car Needs Re Painting. Maybe Dark Violet? No Shiny Gold!”

What does that one say to you? If it isn’t obvious… (because I don’t know if it would be.) This represents the 13 original states, in order they became states…I think.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
North Carolina
South Carolina

Yeah… I wouldn’t have gotten that.

I don’t understand who came up with Mnemonic devices. Because each one has a certain trick behind them, and you have to remember those tricks, it makes them difficult to decipher. I mean they can be interesting, but frankly I don’t think they are very helpful.

Crap I went over… Oh well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post… But frankly I didn’t really. Mnemonic devices confuse the hell out of me… But here, let’s make this more fun. If you know any mnemonic devices, please share with me. I would love to read them!

Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means the topics are Worst Days, Wise Words, or Wishes.

Thanks for reading!