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What's the topic of the day? Pick one for next Wednesday!

What? What wha?!

Today is Wednesday, which means….

Wishing From the Past Wednesday!

Yes, today’s topic is Wishes. These Wednesdays are dedicated to the rants that I have about my wishes in life. They could be wishes that I had made, or wishes I still have. Whether or not they came true, well that’s up to you to figure up.

Good luck!

When you think of wishes, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it when you wish upon a shooting star, whatever wish you made? Do you think of Genies, or things that grant wishes? For me personally, I think about the wishes I made when I blew out my birthday candles. I know, that I will probably ruin my wishes, to the extent that they can never come true once you say them, but I feel like it’s about time to start sharing what I had wished for.

Okay let’s start with my earliest wish I ever made. On my third birthday, I had made my first wish on a birthday candle. I didn’t really know what the cake was for, but when you’re three, you don’t really care. It’s cake! On that day, I was told, by my sisters, that when you make a wish on a birthday candle, then you blow it out, it comes true within that year.

Isn’t it strange that when your little, things seem magical? Everything anyone says could be a possible truth. When your a toddler, anything is possible, and anything could happen. So what did I wish for that day?

My 3rd birthday, my family spent it just within our immediate family. We couldn’t really afford a big party during that year. Get to the point… What did I wish for?

Well, I wished for something that isn’t normal for a little kid to wish for. I remember  that I wished for this, because it generally was the driving force for alot of wishes I had over my life. I wished, it’s quite silly actually, I wished to meet another guy my age.

Doesn’t make sense does it? Well think of it like this. My dad was barely home when I was younger, I grew up with mostly girls in my life at this point. Could you understand where I was coming from? I think about it like this… Prior to this, the only other guy I knew that was my age, was my cousin Paul. He lived in another state. I didn’t see him often either. I wanted another friend, another guy in my life. I knew somewhat how a guy was supposed to act… but that was only based off what my parents told me, and what my sisters told me.

But mostly, I only knew how I acted based off what I felt was right. For the next few years, I got to know my sisters, and I saw mostly what was right through my sisters and the punishments they got when they were in trouble. Of course I had gotten in trouble before too. but only after I tried to imitate what they had done before.

Can you really blame my family for how I ended up the way I did?

I can’t…

Well that’s all I can think of for this. Basically I didn’t want to rant that much about it… because basically I could go about more things… but I feel like they are more suited for another day.

If you guys have made any type of wishes lately… Would you mind if you would share them with me? It doesn’t have to be anything personal… it could be even like..

“I wish, I wish, I wish I had a fish!”

Okay thanks for reading!