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What should the Topic Be on Sundays? Pick one for Next Week!

It’s bad enough that I have neglected to do an actual rant post for the past 4 days, but I think I’ve finally caught up all my busy stuff. Well actually, I was caught up yesterday, but I got so into watching movies, animes, and shows that I kinda forgot what time it was.

Anyways! So today’s Sunday right? And because I used Rants-a-long Sunday already last week, I can’t use it this week. That means this week is…

Lovely Love Talks Sunday

Ew… I don’t like that title for these days, but it was the suggestion by a friend, since I couldn’t come up with anything.

These types of Sundays, are ranting days about the topic “love”. That could range from who I currently in Love with, anything I want to love, or even to my thoughts on the subject. Everything that falls between counts too.

Such a broad topic right? Don’t worry… I’ll try to make it interesting.

Someone told me this one day. “If you love something, you got to put everything you have into showing that feeling.” While I haven’t really thought about it like an obvious method to do things, I found it to be true in most occasions. In a sense, that is how a person can tell how much passion, how much love they have for the things they love. Say if you really love a person, wouldn’t you want to show how much you love them? Even if you can’t all the time, you should still show it when you can. That, in my opinion, just shows how much you’re willing to work for it.

This also shows how much love the person is willing to show as well. I forgot to mention that this saying doesn’t just apply to people with people, it applies with everything that is capable to have your love. This belief should be your measuring way to judge love and other’s love. Well, it shouldn’t be the only one, but it should be a good majority of the amount. I think of it like this… If I really love something, I would want to show how much I love it to everyone… not just by telling people I love it though, that’s actually the weakest way of showing it. I would have to prove how much, how deep my love for whatever it is can be. If I can’t show that I love it, or if I can’t prove that I love it that much, that probably means I don’t have as much love for it as I thought.

Sound confusing? Okay example. I love playing video games. Its a big hobby of mine, and even though people think it’s a waste of time, I think it’s the best way to relieve stress and to loosen yourself from reality. Video games are my outlet, they are the only way to make my mind relax about certain stresses in my life. I always, always set at least an hour in the day to play some game. Reading about certain games, and watching people play too… It’s that much of a hobby and passion of mine. People think of it going as far as an addiction, but I don’t see it like that.

Now that was just an example of a passion/love for a hobby. I would have given an example of a crush I had on someone, but so far I have no experience in that matter. Actually, let me give an example of that.

My first crush, which I think I have posted before, was in Middle School. I had found out, no realized that I had a major crush on my best friend. I didn’t like those feelings though. They confused the hell out of me. The more I was with him though, the more I got to know him, the more I felt like I was falling in love. But my mind showed me that it could never happen, I started rationalizing things, that this wasn’t possible, that it didn’t make sense. So I ignored the feelings, and when I did that, I found that I had started hurting emotionally. You know in the end that I had distanced myself from male bestfriends after the whole thing. Once I did it the first time, I thought it got easier the second time, and the more times I did it, the more I realized that these crushes, these sparks of loving someone, aren’t that great enough to be considered “love”. If I couldn’t even show how much I loved the person, how can I say that I love them?

It may not seem like the rational way to see it, but its how I see it. If I cant prove or show that it’s that much of deal with me, then it means I don’t have that much of a drive to want it. It’s nothing more than a desire, to become a wish it needs more faith that it could happen, and to become a dream means you need the actions to back it up. Desires are just there because you want them, you don’t need them. You really only need them, once you want them with enough merit.

Haha, it seems that I have a skewed view on relationships, love, and the likes. It’s just how I feel though. If I can’t want it that badly that I would need to show it often, then do I want it that badly? Is it that necessary? Maybe, but I’m going to end with 2 more quotes that apply to the original quote.

“If you want something, then you are the only one that can get it for you. It’s not going to be given to you that easily”

“You can love a person with everything you have, but they will never be 100% yours.”

Okay those last 2 quotes, just think about them. I see those three quotes as the triad of truths in relationships. Do I have a reason why I think that way though? Maybe, but that’s for another Sunday.

Tomorrow is Monday meaning the subject is Media, Memories, and Anger. Pick one you want to read!

What are your thoughts on Love, Relationships, Passions, and Desires? I would love to hear what you guys think about it. Please leave me a comment, and Enjoy the rest of your day!