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These are the Topics for Friday!

Tell me on Thursday what should be the topic for today.

I know, I know, I keep forgetting about the things I want to post sometimes.

But I’m posting today! And it’s a Friday, so….

Fun or Funny Friday? Does that sound okay?

Fun or Funny Fridays, I either talk about a really enjoyable time that I had in my life, or a funny moment that had happened.

It could even be both!

For me, something is fun when it makes me smile uncontrollably… or when it makes me laugh till my sides hurt. But honestly, I wish I could remember more of these moments in my life. Life is strange that way, right? You seem to remember the either really worst moments, or the really happy ones.

Sometimes however, there are people who could be really fun/funny/hilarious/good company all the time. These people will always make me smile and what not. I know I could count these people on my hands, I mean the amount I know.

These people, I met over my life. While people say that friends aren’t always in your life… sometimes I like to think that these people will be around at least for a while.

My friends, they make me laugh, just by being there. The things they say… I sometimes don’t understand really well. Apparently, I say either really cute innocent things, or naive things that people think is funny. Although people can get frustrated with me because of it. But its okay. We make each other laugh and some things make me smile all the time.

When I think about these people… I just want to smile. I want to remember the memories we shared. My friends from the community college I go to.. the ones at the college I went to. The few highschool ones that stayed in touch with me. All of them, they bring me such smiles.

A fun moment I had, was when I was in highschool still. My close friends and I would sometimes go out to eat during the weekends of Senior year. At these diners or restaurants we would play games. Games such as Snaps!, Guess My Drawing, and sometimes even Mind games. We would go there to eat, but we would stay way longer because we would either just talk or continue playing these games.

I have weird funny moments in my life. Usually at my expense.

I think the best one would have to be when I was trying to show off a type of kick. I swung my leg with such “umph” that the momentum made me flip in the air and land on my back. I was shocked at first, like “what the hell just happened!” But then, I started laughing really hard, because it was a “what the hell just happened” moment.

Although people were wondering if I was okay.

I think if you can just laugh moments off, or smile to the embarrassing ones… then life could be more fun.

Sorry for the short post. I want  to write more, but I feel like it’s getting dull.

So Tell me what type of post you guys want for tomorrow or whenever I post next time.

Leave a comment too please.

Tankrots! (Means Thanks-a-lot)