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Hey guys, so this isn’t officially today’s post. I know I haven’t been posting lately either. I’ve been trying to avoid posting, because I’m playing a “game” with my friends at school at the moment.

This post’s topic is…

“The Difference between Truth and Lies”

So recently… I’ve been playing one of my every infamous “silent games” with my friends at the college I go to. These games usually involve me staying silent and quiet till someone solves my game or puzzle.

This game this time, is “Silence in Truth”

It basically is a spin off of the word game “2 Truths and a Lie”.

Essentially, I originally was being quiet for a different reason, but this one seems like more “fun”.

The game consists of 50 facts that I have written about myself. These 50 facts are things I have told someone in my group of friends at school, at least one point in my time being there. However, amongst the facts are a few lies. To break my silence, my friends have to find all the lies. Sound easy?

Perhaps… I thought this would be an easy game too.

However, as the game started, people didn’t quite find them as much as I hoped they would.

I think people got thrown off by how I wrote some of the facts?

I guess, I thought people would have been paying attention to the little details and what not. I figured that people would have realized that I’ve been trying to get them to “train” in my word choices and subtleties in context. Why do they think I give them riddles and mind games as often as I do? Maybe I just expected too much of them. I mean c’mon… I should have known that I’m the only person I know that thinks the way that I do.

I even tried to make it obvious which ones were the lies in the order they come in. Yes, there is a pattern.

Also, some of the lies are only lies because there is one thing in the statement that makes it a lie. That  could be that the word choice isn’t quite right… or there is some detail that makes it not true.

It most of the time is only slight, but because of it, it should be obvious. At least that’s how I see it.

People tell me I’m bad at lying… that may be true to them, but I always wondered why people don’t even consider that I could possibly be trying to get them to believe I’m lying on purpose?

Does that make me a manipulative person? Yes, yes it does. Those who know me really well, know that I do things that seem obviously obvious, just to throw people off track. I don’t want to say that I enjoy twisting people’s perspective of me… but if I can get people to believe a certain aspect, then it makes it easier to make up lies when needed.

Do you follow? Okay, maybe not.. but I’m going to share something with you readers.

-The 10 Common Lies I Tell-

10) “I’m confused, what does that mean?”
9) “I’m okay, don’t worry about it”
8) “I’ll be okay by myself… I’m fine with it!”
7) “Oh, that was pretty mean!”
6) “I could never hate someone”
5) “I can’t really lie to anyone… makes me feel bad.”

4) Any numerical statistic I share about myself, is either exaggerated or underrepresented.
3) I usually, for a while, act a certain way, just to get people to believe that the norm.
2) I actually don’t trust alot of people… and there’s an easy way to tell that. Just ask more people about the same thing… if it’s a little altered, I may have told you something different on purpose.
1) In regards to my happiness, and acting happy… Do people really think I am optimistic, happy, smiling for a majority of my life?

Whether you readers decide to believe this post or not, is up to you. All I’m saying is that maybe people shouldn’t be so sure of me or my personality.

I will however tell you that anything I say about my past, and my problems, and my health/mental stuff, those are all true. Why would they be? From what I learned in my life… it helps no one if you hide or lie about those things.

My past is kinda messed up… I won’t deny that. It’s not because I had a horrible environment… but it’s because I’m kinda warped in the head, and I tend to think differently.

Overall.. I do feel guilty about manipulating situations and people’s opinions of me. Am I a bad person? I believe so. When I think about how much people think of me in such regards of goodness and the likes… I feel even worse.

I hope one day, my friends will realize this… Maybe one day, they will be able to solve the Real “game”. And when that day comes… maybe then I will be able to really smile, and finally be happy with everyone.