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Love, Could mean anything really... I just happen to "love" hearts and drawing

 The (ever-changing) List of Things I Love.

What are you on this Page for? Well, its not really my place to wonder. Here you can get a quick list of things I love about life, the world, people, etc. It will be updated every once in a while, and sometimes it may grow or shrink, its just my list of things I love.

The List! (No Particular Order though)

  1. Getting hugs from friends.
  2. Giving hugs to everyone.
  3. Things that smell refreshing or clean.
  4. Sherbet ice cream
  5. Romantic comedies.
  6. Romantic movies
  7. Anime, but it has to be funny, cute, dramatic, or very plot driven.
  8. Video Games, playing and watching
  9. Writing as a whole… just not essays or formal writing.
  10. Reading poetry, even if its really awful
  11. Analyzing: Really, I like to believe everything happened for a reason, and the reason is always in there somewhere.
  12. Comedic shows. Like sitcoms, cartoons, or stand-up.
  13. Shiny things, but not to the point that it blinds me.
  14. Alot of pretty meshes of color in objects. But the colors should work well with each other, meaning they aren’t contrasting so badly that it looks like an eye sore.
  15. Liquids, of any kind… unless its poisonous.
  16. Asking questions… but that can get people annoyed at me sometimes.
  17. Looking at things for the first time… AH! How I love seeing something for the first time, even if it’s relatively boring.
  18. Dancing. I find it to be the best form of exercise.
  19. Animals that don’t harm you.
  20. Animals that can look adorable at any given moment.
  21. Shadows.
  22. Riddles, telling and giving.
  23. People having enough confidence to tell me things about them. I really love that people can find it to trust me with things in general.
  24. Jokes that I so obvious that they become funny.
  25. Moments that I could find humor in, even when people don’t see anything funny in them at all. Which is strange, because the funny things that people want to be funny about, I don’t understand, so I don’t laugh at first.
  26. Music, mostly any genre, except 2 types. (Rap and Country) *Country though has some good songs, so I guess Rap is the only one I can’t tolerate that much.
  27. Superstitions, I love them so much that I want them to be true. But part of me knows that they are called Superstitions for a reason.
  28. Talking… oh how do I love to talk.
  29. Eating, but it has to be something sweet, or pleasing to munch on. If its spicy or bland, or just plain out choking hazard… that’s a different story.
  30. Ice Cream! I know I mentioned Sherbet ice cream, but Now I realize that I love ice cream as a whole.
  31. Popsicles but people, mostly my friends, say that I can’t them around them…. Something about it being too easy to make fun of. So I only eat those hand held ice creams that you have to bite on to eat.
  32. Eyes that have interesting colors. Being that they are vibrant, or shiny, or mixed of different amounts.
  33. Writing letters.
  34. Receiving letters or postcards.
  35. Creative stories people tell… I’ll probably believe anything if its told really well.
  36. Brownies and Cupcake sort of foods.
  37. Icing, but mostly buttercream and creamcheese based.
  38. Strawberry flavored things, but not actual strawberries.
  39. Chocolate, but not bitter very dark chocolate.
  40. People who can tell you things without stretching it out. Being direct is very good in my eyes. Actually this could also be considered an Admiration as well as love.
  41. People commenting on things I did or wrote. It doesn’t have to be all compliments either, just knowing that you took the time to comment about it, means it had some sort of value to you. Even if that value is negative, its still better than… “eh, means nothing.”
  42. Cuddling! Sadly I have no one to do that with.
  43. Watching movies with friends/family. However I sometimes talk to people during that.
  44. Singing, despite being not that great at it. I can hold a melody, but I may not get the right notes, but I’m not completely tone deaf.
  45. Reading or hearing life stories/memoirs of people. It doesn’t matter who they are, or if their story was just about a shoe in a gutter. I love to hear them regardless.
  46. Having people in my life, in general sense.
  47. Having friends in my life, especially those who make an effort to see the real me.
  48. My family, they will always be the most important people in my life. Even if one day we get separated in life, I will never forget them.
  49. Love songs, even though they depress the hell out of me.
  50. Helping people with their problems, whether that helping consists of just listening or giving advice, I just love to help people.

Well that’s about it for now, I’ll add more to this list next week.


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